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Bertie on the Pinafore!

A new musical by Esther Cohen-Tovee based on the works of PG Woodhouse
24th to 25th November 2017
Trinity Church, Gosforth

Whether you are an avid fan of musicals or have never been part of a musical production before, we promise you a lot of fun if you join us for Jeeves and Wooster!

Based on the works of PG Wodehouse, this is a musical tale of the antics of Bertie Wooster and his inimitable valet Jeeves. Bertie's inept but persistent efforts to learn to play the trombone lead to a parting of the ways when Jeeves is unable to bear it any longer and gives his notice. Bertie rents a cottage from his old friend Chuffy (Lord Chuffnell) and soon finds himself in a difficult situation when his former fiancee Pauline arrives together with her over-bearing father, who is considering buying Chuffnell Hall. Chuffy is in love with Pauline but (a) won't propose to her until her father buys Chuffnell Hall and their financial status is equal and (b) doesn't know she was once engaged to Bertie. Jeeves meanwhile has been engaged by Chuffy and is therefore on hand to help, but will Bertie take his advice?

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