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The Zoo and Happy Arcadia


Friday 25th November and Saturday 26th November 2016, 7.30pm.
Trinity Church, Gosforth High Street.
£7 entry.


This year, GMS’ autumn season gives you the chance to see TWO fantastic shows for the price of one! With a programme consisting of The Zoo, followed by Happy Arcadia, we are presenting a unique combination of Gilbert without Sullivan and Sullivan without Gilbert…


The Zoo

Written in 1875 by Arthur Sullivan and Bolton Rowe, and described as ‘a musical folly’, The Zoo is a lively and humorous piece, which tells a topsy-turvy tale of false identities, forbidden romances and thwarted suicides, all overseen by the Great British Public and the animals of the zoo. We hope you have a great day out, but please refrain from feeding the tigers!

Happy Arcadia

Dating from around the same time as The Zoo, Happy Arcadia is the result of a collaboration between W.S. Gilbert and Frederic Clay. The comedy takes place in the pastoral idyll of mythical Arcadia, an idealised land of peace, simplicity and joy for all – except for the unhappy residents, that is! Since the piece’s premiere in 1872, Clay’s original score has been lost. Luckily for us, GMS member Fraser Charlton has cleverly edited the text, preserving some of Gilbert’s original lyrics, and furnishing the piece with Arthur Sullivan’s music from well-known G&S operettas. Gilbert and Sullivan are thus reunited in this unique production!

Save the date!!!



Our main show, in Spring 2016, will be Iolanthe.  5th to 8th April at the Jubilee Theatre.  Details yet to be finalised but expect surprises, fairies and very wicked peers!

We'd love to have you join us for either or both of these productions, to watch us, but also to join us on stage.

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